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Catering Options 

Drop off  Catering

Drop off services 

Full service on-site cooking

Full service On-site Cooking

Drop off catering is available, a cost effective option. We deliver food cooked and ready to serve, taco bar, buffet style set up available, warmers available as add on. The vantage of this is that guests are always free to serve them selves as they wish within

a flexible time frame

With full service Catering and on site cooking, our team is at your event to serve and clean from start to finish. From traditional taquero  service to fresh made steak dinner. We have staff to clean up through the service time when booking full service Catering, there is also a much wider range of menu options available

Starting at $17 per person
Starting at $25 per person 
Private event/ private chef

Private Events

Our personal chefs will be happy to provide the types of service you’re looking for. Whether you want healthy meals prepared for your family, you want to hire a chef for special occasions or business luncheons 

Starting at $23 per person 

Let dresgoodeats provide A unique foodservice for you.

Menu Options 

Heading 1




Pastas, three sauces (garlic Parmesan, pesto, classic red) , 2-3 protein (chicken, shrimp, sausage and crab)  salad , garlic bread 




Tacos 2-3 proteins (shrimp, chicken, steak) Mexican rice, pinto beans, salsas (red and green)

toppings (cilantro, onions, lemons)

 Birria (beef), Mexican rice, pinto beans, 

Chile colorado, Mexican rice, pinto beans, salad 




Hawaiian Fusion

Chicken teriyaki, steak teriyaki, sweet and spicy  shrimp, white rice, macaroni salad, grilled veggies and pineapple 



Cajun boils

Seafood of choice ,white rice, potatoes, corn, hot link, garlic noodle




Beef Wellington, smothered pork chops, Fajita bar, rice, beans

Burger bar, Nashville chicken sliders fries, tator totts 

toppings , cheese sauce 


Panini Bar

Thinly cut steak, shredded chicken, garlic shrimp

Two or three cheese options

1-3 sauces Marinara, Dres garlic cream sauce, pesto cream sauce

Fries or tater tots

Ask about our veggie options and custom menu plans

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